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One day or Day 1?

Posted by [email protected] on 6 October, 2018 at 15:55

The thought of this topic came from a book on proverbs. I found this phrase very catchy :” One day or Day 1”? I have noticed multiple times if I have a desire to do something, I say to myself that “one day”. One day turns to sometime and sometimes to never….

This phrase challenges me to think why can’t this be Day 1 to get my dream going. Why do I have to wait for the “one day”? Why can’t it be today?

I recently read a Linked In article that the biggest fallacy we have in life is that “I have time”. The author noted, that was the biggest regret lot of people had. In my “one” day argument, I keep thinking I will do this post x years when Ashna, my 7 year old, grows older. In the same breath, I also waste time surfing the internet or lately getting into online shopping. So, really, do I not have the time or am I using “one day” as an excuse?

The idea is to challenge ourselves to go from “one day” to Day 1. Yes, I want to learn pottery. Let me join a class. Yes, I want to continue writing, let me begin today. Yes, I want to build better relationships then let me send a note.

Day 1 is simple. Day 1 is a mindset. Day 1 is a beginning. Day 1 is an accomplishment. Lets move from one day to day 1 today!

One day

I will paint

One day

I will travel

One day

I will write

All dreams

Put on hold


I can take a tiny step


I can live my dream


I can make one day

Day 1

Categories: Courage

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